Buying Income Protection Insurance Online

Buying Income Protection Insurance Online

Buying your income protection insurance online is the most convenient and perhaps the best way to get the best deal. In South Africa, if you are earning an income from a job, you can avail the income protection from either your employment or buying it for yourself.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

Before buying your policy, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Check with your employer if your benefit package includes income protection. Start searching for the best insurance protection if your benefits do not include the policy.
  • Aside from your employment, eligibility includes your age. The requirement is legal age up to 65 years old. Some providers will extend the age limit to 70 years old.
  • Coverage is generally to pay your monthly income if you experience disability either from an illness or from an accident. Depending on your policy and your insurer, you may also enjoy travel, dental, and medical benefits.
  • Coverage of the policy is applicable for disability arising from short-term or long term-illness or from an accident. In such instances, the insurance provider will pay for the amount specified in the policy to cover for the lost income of the policyholder.

How to Buy Your Income Protection Policy Online

When you know what your insurance needs are, you can start searching on the web for the best policy your budget can buy. The internet gives you an opportunity to find the best deal conveniently. You can use several online tools and resources such as the following:

Income protection insurance calculator

This tool will enable you to compute and come up with the best calculation of the length of time you can survive with your existing lifestyle without you earning your present income, or have stopped working due to disability.

In using the calculator, you can therefore plan and identify your income insurance requirements. This way, you can get the most benefits from your policy. You just have to see to it that you are providing accurate information to come up with a reliable calculation.

Comparison websites

These sites will empower you to shop around and find the best deal in one place. You can therefore save time and energy scouting from website to website hoping to find the best income protection policy.

With comparison websites, you can readily peruse their tools and resources that will allow you to compare quotes from various insurance companies. These sites have pre-qualified insurance companies in South Africa, so you can expect to be dealing with legitimate insurers.

Of course, you still have to do your part. First is to choose the comparison website carefully. Verify the reputability and reliability of the website before you decide to use it to shop for your income protection policy.

You do not have to go at great lengths just to find the best policy. Use the internet. This is one of the benefits of technology. With the best policy that can save you money and increase your income protection, why should you not buy your policy online?

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